Russian-American Child Care "Busy Bee"
What a wonderful time childhood is!
Perhaps this is the most important, happy and joyful time. The way we enter our adulthood depends on the way our childhood was, the things we learned, the people we encountered.

In our curriculum, we use the best methods from both Soviet and American educational systems not only to prepare kids for their upcoming school years, but to teach them to enjoy learning. We try our best to make the time kids spend at our "Busy Bee" child-care as memorable, happy and fun as it could possibly be.
9 years in WA
Busy Bee got a preschool accreditation in 2010 and became one of the best Kindergartens in the Eastern side of King County.
6 curriculums
We're committed to develop and reinforce each toddler's individual needs, so children can fulfill their potential.
Homemade food
We foster lifelong healthy eating habits by by providing a variety of healthy foods cooked with organic products.
Up to 5 children in a group
Small groups guarantee that each child receives more individual attention every day.
9 professional teachers
Our team consists of highly trained early childhood professionals.
Prepared for school over 40 little ones
9 years ago we opened our doors for the first time. Within this time we prepared for school over 40 kids.
4 swimming lessons per week
Professional instructor teaches kids to dive, swim and love water.
Field trips every week
Every Friday we take kids to field trips to interesting places on our equipped bus — children museums, parks, theaters, libraries, farms, Zoo, Aquarium and many more.
Our classes
Our highly trained early learning professions are devoted to create a supporting and enriching environment that cultivates self-esteem. On our team we have russian and english speaking teachers, psychologist, speech therapist, music teacher, physical education teacher, choreographer and theatre teacher.

Fine arts class
Speech therapy
Photo gallery
Everything we do at "Busy Bee" comes from a place of love and care. Children learn best in safe and friendly atmosphere. We're dedicated to making our classrooms places where children can truly thrive and develop naturally. Each day is full of carefully designed activities and classes, while small groups guarantee that each child receives more individual attention every day.
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Meet our teachers
The early education teachers at "Busy Been" are passionate about what they do and dedicated to developing your child's potential and are sensitive to your child's individual needs.
Gleb Groysman
Principal and main idea-generator of our "Busy Bee"
Russian higher pedagogical education, confirmed in the United States.

Continuous pedagogical experience since 1987.
Elena Groysman
Principal and "mom" of our day care
Russian higher pedagogical education, confirmed in the United States.

Continuous pedagogical experience in kindergartens and schools since 1994.
Maria Pozen
Creative drama
This program offers unique opportunity for children to learn many important life skills, while acting out their favorite stories. Young people will build their self-esteem and communication skills, develop their concentration and focus, as well as learn about emotions, problem solving and team work.
Olga Meleshko
English language and art
Graduated from Minsk Linguistic University. When she moved to the United States, Olga worked as a translator and teacher at "Smart With Art", and then founded her mobile school of English and an art studio "Akvarelki". "I like helping children to discover new worlds, whether it's a world of foreign language or painting."
Natalya Rogozina
Russian language
Graduated from Far Eastern Federal University, Russia.
"As an experienced educator, I know that children, especially young ones, learn best only when they are genuinely interested in the topic. Thus, I have used my very own program that doesn't simply help children learn how to read Russian letters and words but also makes the learning experience extremely fun and engaging for them."
Janna Sweet
Graduated from Minsk Pedagogical University, Faculty of Music. For a long time Janna worked in the field of children's musical education and development in Belarus. "I am glad that I have the opportunity to see every day how the magic power of music affects every little child, changing his imagination, mood and attitude."
Nadiia Voronenko
Dance and PE
All my education is dance and music related with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, at the Kiev National University of Culture and Art. I started to teach dance classes even before graduating from University. I specialize in folk and modern dance techniques but also have experience in ballet. I work with groups of all ages but specialize with the youngest. For me, being a choreographer is practice my favorite activity everyday and share with people the talents God gave me!
Natalia Filimonova
Speech therapy
Natalia is a speech therapist with 25 years of experience working with children of all ages both in Russian and English languahes. She incorporates all the latest techniques in her work, and if necessary, conducts individual lessons.
Schedule and menu
"Busy Bee" child care professionals develop individual programs to encourage children to participate and show an interest in the learning process.

Our varied and balanced diet is home made with love and the best organic products. Good nutrition helps kids grow up healthy and active.

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