On this page of our website you can find some useful links to parents' resources, forums, articles, games and reading for kids. Also, information related to children's health and development.

"Child and Dependent Care Information" on the IRS.gov website
Childcare Tax Credit Information.

"Parents Conference" on the website "Solnishko"
Information for parents about health, safety, development, education and other related topics. The website is in Russian.

Children Psychologist on the website "Our Kids".
Psychological advice related to a child's development and education. The website is in Russian.

Stories, poems and fairytales for children on the website "Lukoshko"
Stories, poems and fairytales will introduce you to a colorful world of children literature. The website is in Russian.

The gift of Language on the website "Lets Remember the Russian Language!"
Rules to remember while teaching your child Russian language (as a second language). The website is in Russian.