What a wonderful time childhood is!
Perhaps this is the most important, happy and joyful time. The way we enter our adulthood depends on the way our childhood was, the things we learned, the people we encountered.

This is a video-introduction of our "Busy Bee" childcare.
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Do you remember yourself in your childhood? Do you remember the new experiences or the first time when you realized "I can do this!"? Even a little success like tying your shoes by yourself for the first time or riding a bike without help was a big thing. Many years later you see your own child running to you to share their successes and you understand how important every little thing is.

But what if the little one's success doesn't seem to be something "big and important" for the parent? Just remember, your child shares his world with you and with your attention and support he gains confidence and belief in himself. Spend time with your child, express how you love him or her, how proud you are. Your love and support will help your child to grow into a successful adult.

Principals of Russian-American Day Care in Kirkland, Elena and Gleb Groysman
Principals of Russian-American Day Care
in Kirkland, WA, Elena and Gleb Groysman
We, as the principals of the "Busy Bee" Russian-English Daycare in Kirkland, WA, believe in a "good start" in life, and we believe in helping kids grow into happy, fun, smart, healthy and confident individuals. Thus we founded the "Busy Bee" Russian-American Day-care. We welcome kids ages two to five in our fun and friendly world of learning, playing, exploring, laughing and having fun together.

In our curriculum, we use the best methods from both Soviet and American educational systems not only to prepare kids for their upcoming school years, but to teach them to enjoy learning. We try our best to make the time kids spend at our "Busy Bee" child-care as memorable, happy and fun as it could possibly be.

Sincerely Yours,
Gleb and Elena Groysman.